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Solvent Purification Systems
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Chemical Synthesis
Lithium Battery & Supercapacitor
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Chemical Synthesis Glovebox


- Long lifespan

- O2 < 1 PPM  H2O < 1 PPM    - Low leakage(<0.001 vol%/h) - Excellent purifier capacity(O2: 60-70 L) - Accurate moisture and oxygen detection - Infrequent regeneration - Low failure rate - Safe and convenient

Lithium Battery & Supercapacitor Glovebox

- Excellent seal ability with long lifespan - Patented moisture and oxygen protective devices - Strong resistance to organic solvents - Can integrate with different vacuum heating/drying technologies

OLED/OPV Glovebox


- Cleanroom systems - Coating equipment - Vacuum coating equipment - Manual or automatic packaging equipment - Thermal treatment equipment - Available air conditioning system

Laser Welding Glovebox


- Low leakage rate - Low moisture and oxygen content - Ergonomic - Accurate moisture and oxygen detection

- Process efficient

- Fast and slow purge features available

Additive Manufacturing Glovebox


- Custom enclosures around your AM machine process
- Low O2 and H2O gas management integration
- Pre-process powder packaging enclosures
- Post-process de-powdering enclosures
- Hermetic powder storage with on-board O2 monitoring

Nuclear Research & Industry Glovebox

- Advanced leak-free technology - Radiation protection: lead plate, flint glass, leaded gloves - Ultra-low moisture and oxygen content: <1 PPM - Capacity of no-leak or contamination glove changing - Safe transfer of nuclear materials: bag-in-bag-out technologies
About Us

Vigor is a world-class manufacturer of inert gas enclosures, purification systems, and cleanroom equipment. Founded in 2005 by PhD              chemists, Vigor has developed innovative no-leak sealing technology, as well as proprietary gas purification systems that enable our users to experience leakage rates and impurity levels over an order of              magnitude better than the industry standard. Vigor's superior design   can remove impurities (O2, H2O, N2) to ppb levels, and achieve ISO-2 levels cleanness.

Custom Inert Atmosphere Systems

Vigor's scientists and engineers have extensive R&D experience in the field of gas purification and are uniquely capable of working with you to create custom solutions to any research problem. Vigor regularly designs customized systems for a wide array of applications, and regularly integrates high-tech equipment (deposition systems, evaporators, coating systems, 3D printers, testing equipment, and more!) with inert enclosures. Vigor is also committed to developing break-through technologies that make research easier, and thanks to this, Vigor holds more than 50 patents covering various innovations.


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